What printing challenge do you have?

Liberty Press excels at creating solutions for our partners.

Need your customers to open, read, and keep your product?

Make it so beautiful, they are compelled to keep it like they would a piece of art.
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Liberty Press has its own in-house foil embossing, that create covers that literally jump up off the page. We know the secrets of creating attention-grabbing designs and we share them with our partners.

We go well beyond printing: we help you with graphic design, color correction, same-paper proofing, and even train your own staff how to get better results.

Do you have special production requirements such as die cutting, hole punching, poly bagging, shrink-wrapping, address labeling, coil binding, even specially shaped products?

Do other printers send out to specialized binding houses or mailing houses if you need these services - at high prices?
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Liberty Press has its own die cutting machines, its own hole-punching machines, its own in-line poly bagging and its own in-line shrink-wrapping, its own inline ink-jet addressing machine, its own coil binding system, and even its own shape cutting knives. We acquired most of these systems in response to the needs of our partners. Because we do the work in-house, and usually right in-line, these special services get done efficiently and under our quality control.

There is no need for all the handling, palletizing and shipping your products off to other suppliers.

Do you have special mailing or delivery requirements? Do you need to package your products into variable-count bundles, have them mailed to many different locations, or have your products dropped off at locations standard trucking companies won't go to, or won't unload your products at multiple sites?

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Liberty Press is certified as an extension of the Post Office. We can fully prepare your products, or product bundles for mailing, and then drop them off at the Post Office, where they will be ready for dispatch. All the tricky work is done by us, so you aren't relying on people who may not care about your problems as much as we do.

We also run our own trucking company, Liberty Transport. We have four long-haul semi trucks that delivery anywhere in the USA. When you have a special delivery need, or a deadline no one else can meet, we deliver ourselves. And when we arrive, you will find that we are willing to unload where others just won't. It's all part of the special service from Liberty Press that you won't find else where.

You may have a special need that we haven't encountered before. But we are still very likely to be able to create a solution for you. All of our special capabilities were put in place for specific partners of ours in the past. We have delivered solutions that they couldn't find, cost-effectively anywhere else. We are prepared to turn your challenges into solutions.