Examples of how Liberty Press customers beat their competitors - with innovations:

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When more than one phone book is delivered to a door, which one will the resident keep and use?
Several Liberty Press partners provide a much more useful version of their book - leaving the competition in the trash bin.
  • Coil Binding so this book lays flat, when the resident is looking up and dialing a number. (Liberty Press has automated coil binding equipment.)
  • Beautiful cover that looks better on the counter top
  • Curve shaped die-cut cover to expose the colored tabs. (Liberty Press can die-cut covers inline on its cover press)
  • Colored tabs to advertise all the useful sections in the book, and to make accessing them very simple. (Liberty Press can die cut tabs inline on its press, and insert them automatically in our bindery)

When you need special features to beat the competition, Liberty Press has the equipment and staff to meet your unique needs cost-effectively, in-house.

Compare that to printers who send your special requests out to other suppliers, at much higher costs including the extra handling and shipping, and with much less ownership of the end result.

Mike Madsen, Liberty Press Bindery Manager has 19 years of experience working with our partners to deliver products that set them apart from their competition.

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